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Protect Your Vessel From the Elements

Shrink Wrapping Your Boat

Spending a little money now could save you a lot of money later. Old man winter can be very harsh on your boat. Cracked blocks, corrosion, fuel degradation, accumulated ice can split open hatches and window tracks, dry and cracking vinyl, mold, mildew and corrosion of electronics are just some of the things that can happen due to not winterizing your boat.

Plan ahead. When boating season gets here, you want to get out in the water as quick as possible. If you have damage from the winter weather or a maintenance problem that needed to be taken care of and you wait until the new boating season, which is one of the busiest seasons for the boat specialists, your fun in the sun could be delayed quite a bit. Not to mention that most insurance policies do not cover damage due to neglect or lack of maintenance.

Poor Shrink Wrapping Leads to Damage!

Shrink Wrapping Your Boat


How do you winterize a boat?

The checklist for boat winterization can look a bit overwhelming. Some of the areas covered include but are not limited to:

  • Flushing the engine with fresh water
  • Cleaning the telltales
  • Filling with antifreeze
  • Adding fuel stabilizer throughout system
  • Spraying fogging oil into carburetor and cylinders (fuel-injected engines need two-cycle oil instead of fogging oil)
  • Removing and checking the propeller
  • Cleaning and adding a protective coat of grease to propeller shaft
  • Applying marine corrosive inhibitor to metal components
  • Changing the transmission fluid

And much more depending on the type of boat and the place or type of winter boat storage available to you. Whether you’re winterizing a Mercruiser, Yamaha or any other type of engine, Kompletely Kustom Marine, Inc. has professional technicians that can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Also, don’t forget about winterizing your personal water craft (PWC), jet skis and wave runners.  The same precautions and winter preparations need to be done for these as well.

Protect Your Investment Properly

Owning a boat is a large investment so it’s just as important to choose a professional and reputable service company for your vessel as it is for your home. Don’t just listen to your buddy on the dock. Beware of hiring illegitimate people just listed anywhere and that are not insured.

The supposed cost-saving benefits of hiring an unlicensed and uninsured contractor are not worth the risks, which could potentially cost you everything you own. Hiring an unlicensed, uninsured contractor makes you become the general contractor. You could then be held responsible for any damages or medical bills if a subcontractor is hurt on the job. In other words, they can sue you for medical compensation, and we all know how that can quickly escalate.

In addition to the risk previously stated, what guarantee do you have that the unlicensed contractor will not take off with your money and leave the job incomplete? How many times have you heard about this happening to other people? Don’t become a victim – make sure that you only hire a licensed and insured company with an outstanding reputation.

Kompletely Kustom Marine is fully licensed and insured, and as far as reputation, our many 5-star reviews speak volumes.

How to Shrink Wrap a Boat: Kompletely Kustom Marine is Licensed Certified and Insured - Marine Repair in Maryland

Kompletely Kustom has a professional team of technicians and professionals qualified in all aspects of marine service.

  • $ 150
    and up
  • Winterization Service
  • Boat Winterization Services in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DCPricing is based on size of vessel. Get instant pricing in less than 2 minutes on our full service winterization package for your vessel.

  • $ 250
    and up
  • Shrink Wrap Service
  • Pricing is based on size of vessel. Get instant pricing in under 2 minutes on our deluxe shrink wrapping service for your vessel.

The KKM Difference

Expert Marine Winterization Services

Kompletely Kustom Marine, Inc. is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and will not settle for anything less. At KKM, We believe that communication and honesty are absolutely imperative to customer satisfaction. Our certified, mobile marine technicians offer the best service in the DMV area. Hundreds of satisfied boat owners trust KKM to properly winterize and shrink wrap their vessel every year.

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KKM Service Areas - Boat Winterization and Shrink Wrapping in Maryland, DC, Virginia
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We strive to provide unparalleled marine services for customers in MD, DC, and VA.

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About Kompletely Kustom Marine

KKM Mobile Marine Mechanic Team

We are a mobile marine company servicing the areas of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Annapolis, Baltimore, District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Delaware. Our team of professionals take pride in their work and put their best effort forward whether they’re servicing your wave runner, your boat (no matter the size) or your live-aboard yacht. We also recognize that all aspects of business work together and you’re only as strong as your weakest link. So the crew here at Kompletely Kustom Marine, Inc. strives to provide outstanding customer service as well as superior service to your vessel.

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